2016 Travel Photo Favorites

Happy New Year! One of my goals for 2017 is to start blogging, so welcome to my first post! I thought I'd start off by blogging some of my favorite travel photos of 2016.


Mammoth Lakes, California is a frequent road trip destination for us. I had seen a lot of photos of Convict Lake (located just outside of town) on Instagram. On our trip out there in February, I made sure to take a little detour on our way into town to see. I was definitely not let down! The view was absolutely breathtaking and the picture does not do it justice. It was on that trip that I decided that I wanted to go back at every season and do my best to get another photo in the same spot, as you can see below!

Top left: February     Top right: May     Bottom left: August     Bottom right: October

Top left: February     Top right: May     Bottom left: August     Bottom right: October



We traveled to British Columbia, Canada over 4th of July weekend and fell in love with the country. We drove out from Vancouver up to Whistler, making tons of stops along the way for photos, hiking and to fly my husband Greg's drone. Amazing trip and can't wait to go back to Canada to explore more. We are trying to plan a trip to Banff and would love any input if you have it!



In October, I headed back out to Mammoth by myself to see the fall colors and to finish the final square of my Convict Lake grid. I also decided to drive into Yosemite. Yosemite is beautiful. I hope to go back some time and enter the park through the west to see the valley.


While we had a few more trips here and there throughout the year, we ended the travel year with a trip to Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies. Beautiful beaches and delicious food. All in all, a more relaxing vacation than adventurous, but still just as fun.


So excited to see where the new year takes us. Happy travels in 2017 everyone!